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Save big with deep corporate card controls.

KIVU Card lets you control the how, when, where and spending limit of each card.


Built for speed and efficiency while on the go.

KIVU App gives you a full dashboard of card activities including spending limits, available balance as well as transactions waiting to be expensed. You can very easily create, submit and edit expense reports.

KIVU App also has real-time three-way communication with both KIVU card and KIVU portal.


Simplified portal with deep controls and analytics.

KIVU Portal allows your organization to implement comprehensive T&E policies as well as leverage deep analytics to see whose spending on what. With KIVU portal, you can setup new users, issue cards and approve expenses.



Save time with zero human intervention.

Feed your approved expense reports directly into any ERP system for reimbursement or financial reporting. KIVU intelligent integrations require no human intervention which frees up your most precious resources to focus on what you do best, serve your customers and grow your business.