Kivu Expense

Still Processing Accounts Payables Manually?

KIVU helps companies automate and streamline their entire Accounts Payables process. From Travel and Expense to corporate card spend management, Requisition management, and Vendor Invoice automation, we offer our customers a one-stop-shop fully integrated SaaS-based solution that reduces errors, promotes efficiency, improves cash management, and reduces paper waste, all while allowing for better data analytics, scalability, audit trail, remote accessibility and a focus on your strategic initiatives.

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KIVU is built to simplify and streamline the entire Accounts Payables process. With OCR, ML, and AI at the root of our AP automation, companies are better equipped to capture and pay an increasing volume of vendor invoices with accuracy and speed. KIVU’s intuitive Expense Reporting workflow along with our deep corporate debit card controls allows customers to prevent a card transaction before it occurs, and all settled transactions are automatically ready to be expensed. Policies can be set for single or multi-level approval. Our intelligent integration can send approved expense reports to any ERP system.


KIVU AP automation leads to increased efficiency, cost savings, improved accuracy, and better overall financial management, allowing companies to allocate resources more effectively and focus on higher value activities.


KIVU Card is based on an FDIC insured bank account. Settled Transactions are automatically ready to be added to an expense report.


KIVU App allows you to quickly and efficiently create and track expense reports as well as card activities.


KIVU Portal gives you the flexibility to implement simple or complex T&E policies and provides detailed reports and dashboards into how money is being spent


KIVU AI based integrations can instantly push approved expense reports into any ERP system, eliminating manual redundant entries.