Kivu Expense

Most Asked questions

What are the main features of Kivu Expense?

Kivu Expense is an intuitive, flexible and very easy to use expense reporting solution that has the following main features:

How do you differ from the competition?

After hearing about the frustration and dissatisfaction with the other expense reporting software applications in the market, we decided to tackle this challenge head-on.

Kivu Expense’s sole mission is to make expense reporting as easy as it can be through our clean, simple but yet powerful application. While the solution is comparable to our competitors from a features & functionality standpoint, there are 7 key areas why customers prefer us:

Configured to Your Needs: We realize that every company’s T&E process is unique. And our solution is tailored to those unique needs. With us, you won’t be stuck with a generic off the shelf application or have to pay consultants huge fees to implement changes to the application. We are more of a “boutique” expense reporting solution where we don’t have a “one size fits all” approach. We also provide customization options to fit your unique business needs.

Support: Our deployment and setup of the application is rapid, we provide personalized support through dedicated technical and sales contacts and we guarantee response times for support related issues. Plus our support is included for free! So you won’t have to deal with online help pages and ChatBots!

Complete Control: Our competition in many cases provides limited access to the administration section of the application. Each time their clients want to make a change to the system configuration and/or Master Data, they have to create a paid support ticket request, which sometimes can take a long time before there is a satisfactory resolution. We give our clients complete control of the system. Our training helps them get comfortable with our easy to use the system and they can thus make such changes themselves.

Most Accurate Receipt Scan. Period: Our customers would testify that our “Artificial Intelligence” based Receipt Scan accuracy is way better than our competition. Why don’t you give it a try? Plus our Receipt Box feature is like a mini “Dropbox” app within our app that lets you sync receipts across all devices. Better Receipt Management = Happier Users.

Training: Customized Administration and User training are delivered online. The training videos are recorded and available within the help section of the application for employees to view at a later point in time.

Pricing: Flexible pricing options 1) Pay Per User OR Pay Per Report. Having flexible pricing options means considerable savings – for example, you may have users who do one report a week (52 reports a month), in such a case why pay per report? 2) No Long Term Contracts. 3) No Overage Penalties – some competitors charge up to $25 per report if you exceed the count of reports you had purchased for the period. We, on the other hand, reward our customers for using our system more than they anticipated by giving further discounts on pricing on the next subscription.

No Third-Party For Integrations: Kivu Expense offers in-house integrations with several accounting systems like Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, Microsoft Dynamics Navision, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage X3, 300 and Sage 300 CRE. Our competition provides these integrations as add-ons via third-party app developers who have a separate fee that could quickly add up.

Comprehensive Integrations: We also integrate with several 3rd party systems like various payroll systems (like ADP), ACH (to pay your users), document management systems (like PaperSave), file management systems (like DropBox, Microsoft One Drive), currency rate databases as well as HCP (Health Care Provider) databases and Single Sign-On / Identity providers (like Active Directory (via ADFS), Azure AD and Okta or any SAML 2.0 based systems)

Successful Business, but not a Monopoly: Tired of how the big 5 enterprise software companies dictate terms, pricing, features and treat customers? On the contrary, we know all our customers (and several of their users) by their first name, we don’t try to sell them products or features that they don’t need and most importantly we price our products & services fairly.

Other super cool features: For a list of some of our product features click here

What languages does Kivu Expense support?

Currently, Kivu Expense supports the solution in English & French

What kind of support & training is offered by Kivu Expense to our users?

Kivu Expense offers support & training in multiple formats, per the convenience of the customer –
 Training: Training webinars for your users & admins, product manuals, video tutorials
 Support: FAQs, online support through dedicated contacts, technical guides and video tutorials

Automated expense reporting is new to us. Do you offer best practice guidance or share what your current customers are doing for T&E?

Absolutely! Kivu Expense will be happy to work with you to understand your current T&E challenges and propose solutions. We bring not just our team’s experience in this space but also ideas and approaches that have worked for our customers who have faced similar issues.

What is Receipt Box? Or How do you help users manage their receipts?

Our customers would testify that our “Artificial Intelligence” based Receipt Scan accuracy is way better than our competition. Why don’t you give it a try?

Plus our “Receipt Box” feature is like a mini “Dropbox” app within our app that lets you sync receipts across all devices. Storing receipts in the Receipt Box has following additional advantages –

  1. Users do not end up cluttering their phone’s photo gallery – deleting old receipts from the photo gallery can be a pain!
  2. Even browsing receipts from the phone’s photo gallery is a tough task as all receipts related thumbnails look the same – hence, spotting the receipt you really need can be a challenge. We solve this problem by making the receipt thumbnails within Receipt Box larger and more readable without having to open each receipt!
  3. We sync receipts across all your devices immediately (if you are connected to the internet) – so users do not end up losing their receipts! Or having wallets full of receipts! Who likes that? ????
  4. Once Receipts are attached to an expense line, they automatically move to the “Completed” tab from the “Pending” tab, helping users stay organized!
  5. Plus Receipts get scanned automatically (using our Receipt Scan add-on) for auditing and productivity reasons! No more users entering the wrong amount or wasting time keying in the information manually!
  6. Corporate Card Transactions when imported from Visa / MasterCard / American Express, will lookup for the corresponding receipt in the receipt box and attach it automatically!
  7. Have a multi-page Receipt? Or have a Receipt that has Supporting Documents? You can click pictures of each page directly via Receipt Box’s “Camera” Option and  and then use “Create PDF” option provided within Receipt Box to combine all pages into a single document. This way you can skip a trip to the scanner!

In addition to Receipt Box, we also provide additional options for users to store receipts like – DropBox, Microsoft One Drive. We integrate with these platforms and allow users to attach receipts from these platforms to an expense line in Gorilla Expense.

Better Receipt Management = Happier Users.

What receipt formats can I attach in the application?

The following formats are supported – JPG, BMP, PDF, PNG. Any picture taken from the phone will have one of the above formats. Additional formats can be enabled if needed.

What is the typical customer size you serve?

The segmentation of Kivu Expense’s typical customer size can be broken into:

Our current customers come from various industries and are located all around the world.

What mobile platforms do you support?

Kivu Expense supports the Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad) platforms for our mobile apps.

The mobile app looks interesting. What happens if there is no Wi-Fi or cellular service?

The Kivu Expense mobile app works Offline. This means that the user can still create expenses with receipts even when there is no Wi-Fi or cellular service. Of course, to submit the expenses, connectivity is needed.

Can I enter all the expense related information on the mobile app before submitting it?

Yes. Expenses created on the mobile app include the attached receipt, expense type (which is tied to the GL code), date, currency, amount, VAT/GST (if enabled), vendor, pay method, comments, project number, other co-workers and other details / dimensions / segments as required by your accounting can be optionally enabled as well. With this, expenses submitted from the mobile app are complete and ready to be ‘pulled into’ an expense report.

How can we import corporate card transactions into the system?

We have 2 approaches for importing corporate credit card statements based on your corporate card program:

1) 100% automated import: In this approach, the credit card company will provide a statement to Kivu Expense on a periodic basis (typically daily) and Kivu Expense will automatically import the statement and make transactions available to the respective users. There is no manual intervention needed. Further, using our Bank Mapping algorithm, the transactions will be ‘automagically’ completed for the user. So, the user simply needs to attach a receipt and submit the expense. We make it that easy!

2) Semi-automated import: In this approach, using the Kivu Expense Integration App, the admin can import the CSV corporate card feed provided by the credit card company into the system. The application will correlate respective expenses to the users. Our Bank Mapping algorithm will still complete the expense for the user and only receipts need to be attached.

What credit card service providers are supported by Kivu Expense ?

Kivu Expense supports the major service providers, namely – American Express, VISA and MasterCard. Each of the service providers supplies a specific corporate credit card feed format. Kivu Expense supports all the major formats.

It would be great for our employees to see their corporate credit card expenses on the mobile app. Is this feature available with Kivu Expense?

Absolutely! Once the corporate credit card transactions are available, the user can go to the ‘Bank’ tab on the mobile app and refresh it. Here the user will see the latest corporate credit card expenses that are pertinent to them. The user can then attach a receipt to it and submit it in just a few clicks!

With multi-currency, how is the exchange rate conversion handled within the application?

There are two different formats to handle exchange rate conversion within the application – Static & Dynamic.

In the static format, the exchange rate field is open and the user can type in the value when the currency is changed.

In the dynamic format, the admin of the application can upload exchange rates for all currencies in the application on a periodic basis. The exchange rates are automatically populated into the field when the user changes the currency. We can also import currency rates from 3rd party sites.

How does the manager approval process work?

Kivu Expense offers three kinds of Manager Approval Workflows –

a) Manager approval by Simple hierarchy – Here, employee submits an expense report to Manager1 and after Manager1 has approved, it goes to Manager2.

b) Manager approval by Amount – Here, if the expense report amount is below a certain defined threshold, then only Manager1 has to approve and the report is considered to be done. If the report is greater than the same value, then after Manager1 has approved, the report is sent to Manager2 (or subsequent managers) for approval. The amount threshold is defined in the user’s profile and can be set differently for users.

c) As an alternative to option a and b above, clients can configure “Line Level Approvals” where each line goes to a unique manager for approval based on the job or department selected on the line.

How are the users updated by the system on the status of an expense report?

When an expense report is submitted, the approving manager receives an email. This email provides the key details of the expense report along with a URL for the manager to click and take action. Similarly, when the expense report is approved or rejected, the submitting user receives an email with the status of the expense report.

What is the Audit Trail functionality?

The audit trail functionality captures all changes made to an expense report – both at the header and transaction level. The change made include a date and time stamp for full visibility. The objective of this feature is to identify, tackle and deter potential frauds.

The audit trail also captures changes made to any master data like user profiles, expense types etc.

In addition to the audit trail, for customers using our Receipt Scan / OCR add-on, we can even compare the amount on the receipt with the amount entered by the user to flag in inconsistency.

We bill our clients and have to send the expense report with receipts as part of the invoice. This is a very painful process. How does Kivu Expense manage this?

Within the application, the user can run the ‘PDF Preview’ function. This will generate a PDF of the expense report with a summary of all transactions followed by the receipts (one receipt shown on each page for clarity). Our customers use this PDF as an invoice to bill back their customers.

What Accounting systems do you interface with?

Gorilla Expense specializes in expense data integration with Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, Microsoft Dynamics Navision, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage X3, Sage 300, Sage 100, Sage 300 CRE, Oracle-EBS, QuickBooks and others

Does your integration support Inter-Company Postings?

Yes, we support inter-company posting for all the systems we integrate with. Users can tag the company they want to charge to on each expense line. Users can even split and expense across multiple companies. Based on the coding performed by the user on each integration line, we are able to pass that information to the accounting system by using the systems inherent capability to do inter-company postings. In some cases, we also work with industry inter-company add-ons like Binary Stream, AIT MC2, etc

It appears that you utilize a proprietary utility to perform the accounting integration. Is that included as part of the solution package?

Yes. Kivu Expense provides the Kivu Expense Integration App as part of the solution package. Client’s can save up to 30% as they do not have to pay a third-party for integration & support.

Can we license it and deploy on our server instead of the pay-as-you-go subscription model?

Yes. Kivu Expense offers both models – SaaS and On-Premise Licensing. In the On-premise licensing model, your company can license the software from us and own it outright. We will deploy the solution on your servers.

What pricing models do you offer?

Pricing is based on delivery option selected. We have 2 delivery options:

Option 1 – Subscription (SaaS). In this option, there are 2 models:
A) Pay per user per month and do unlimited expense reports. – OR –
B) Pay for a bucket of expense reports that are valid for a year and setup unlimited users. The buckets are available in various sizes.

Option 2 – On-Premise Licensing
In this option, the customer can license the software and own it outright. Pricing is based on number of seats purchased.

Is the price per user per month for the total amount of users set up in the system or does it represent a charge for active users per month?

The price per user per month is for named users setup in the application.

We have 100 T&E users in our company but only 30 users submit expenses frequently. We process approximately 45 reports per month. Which model do we pick?

Since several of your users are infrequent, the most practical and economical model would be the bucket of expense reports. The bucket is valid for 1 year. We have a bucket of 500 expense reports that will match your needs.

If you use all the reports before the end of the year, you can either refill the bucket with smaller sizes or renew a new subscription at that time. This is a 100% pay-as-you-consume model and unlike our competition, we WILL NOT penalize you with an outrageous per report price if you exceed the 500 expense reports before the end of the subscription year.

What is included in application setup?

During the standard application setup, we set up the users, expense types, pay methods, report types, customers & project numbers and other parameters in the system. We also setup the Kivu Expense Integration App to connect with the customer’s accounting system, if applicable. Once all of this is complete, we will test the application from end-to-end to make sure everything is working as expected before Go Live with the customer.

How long does the setup process typically take?

The standard setup typically takes no more than 16 hours to complete on our end, assuming all the required information is made available to us. In terms of calendar time, this could take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks.

Who do you typically work with on the customer’s end during the setup?

Typically it is Accounting/AP/Finance. The IT team on the customer’s end is also part of the discussion in some cases.